3D Ceramic Art Wall



Few materials inspire creativity like ceramic art walls. Available in a range of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, Togen ceramic profiles provide durable surfaces and finishes to both interior and exterior spaces.
As one of the oldest forms of decorative arts, the history of Chinese ceramics can be traced back to over ten thousand years ago that Yangshao culture of the Neolithic age, when earthenware with color decoration as well as red or white-bodied ware were made. This makes ceramic production one of China's oldest continuous activities and the Ceramics works one of the most unique treasure in the world.
Our expertise in working with ceramic elements in real-world applications enables us to provide collaborative solutions. In order to ensure a successful build, we are available for collaboration at the beginning of the project. We will rationalize your design based on material and facility guidelines into a manufacturable end goal. We know what a challenge finding the perfect solution can be, so we're here to help every step of the way.


Ceramic Art pigments, often referred to as Ceramic stains, have vastly opened up the color possibilities for Ceramic art works.
On to the Ceramic body we apply matt or glossy glazes in an array of carefully researched colors. Each of our colors is individually mixed, selecting from over 60 raw pigments and that are expertly combined to create exact nuances of shade the clients are looking for.

3D Stone-like Relif Ceramic, conveys a sensitive emotion to the eyes and touch, fully translating the detail and beauty of the artisan's expert workmanship. The esthetic of the collection is evident in the extreme precision of the micro-reliefs that mark the surface, highlighted by the glaze finish that underscores the shape of the decorative motif with a luminous effect.

The effect of natural stone comes to life in the dynamic shifting of lights and shadows on the natural shades chosen for the background. And the tiles' surfaces are animated by carvings of different patterns which was inspired from Chinese character.

Stone has always been considered a material that embodies the nobility and charm of the past and has long been a part of our interior and exterior spaces, even if its sometimes-tedious maintenance has held many back. In contrast, stone-look Ceramics combine the technical properties of ceramic stoneware with the elegant beauty and texture of stone.

The ceramic composite block is a natural stone surface process with positive and negative concave and convex. After closing, it is a whole block, just like the stone pried open. It is naturally concave convex . The matte white array of ceramic looks like ever-changing flowing white clouds in front of you, lighting up the hall.

With the impact and effect of light and shadow with a touch of refinement provided by textures inspired by the most desired marbles, the stone wall gains a new perspective in the ceramic mosaic format, which adds the imposing effect of light and shade, further highlighting the elegance of such rare natural stone finish.

Cold color stone-like ceramic brings mysterious and calm. Further with logical design techniques and a slightly dramatic combination form, natural stone lines and carved minimalist plane are blended together to form a harmonious visual experience in contrast. 

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