Mullion Line Louver

Mullion Line Louver


The Mullion Line series comes complete with visible or invisible support mullions. It has proven to be a real workhorse, withstanding rigorous testing to offer great rain defence performance and excellent airflow characteristics.
The double bank louver AS150RS series has high rainwater penetration as Class A at 0.5m/s while the airflow class as 3. 
The single bank louver AS75RS series has very good air flowing rate and airflow class as 2. 
Both of them have BSRIC test report. And Togen can provide free area calculation basing on the segment sizes of louvre for each project. 
Product Drawing

Parameters of  Louvres 
Louvre Testing
Louvre Model AL150RS-9 AL75RS
Blade Configuration Double Single
System Depth 150 mm 79 mm
Pitch 75 mm 62 mm
Visual Blade Orientation Horizontal Horizontal
Visual Impact Of
Mullions / Jambs
Hidden Visible
Rainwater Penetration
(Airflow Velocity In M/S)
0.0 A C
0.5 A C
1.0 B C
1.5 B D
2.0 C D
2.5 C D
3.0 D D
3.5 D D
Airflow Coefficient 0.253 0.355
Airflow Class 3 2
Airflow Rating Good Very Good

You may need all mullion line louver / vertical line louvreBird Mesh Screen / Insect Mesh Screen.

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