Honeycomb Panel

Honeycomb Panel


Honeycomb panel becomes more and more popular in recent years contribute to the strength and flatness of it. We are able to provide different composite material for honeycomb panel including but not limited to aluminum honeycomb, copper honeycomb, stainless steel honeycomb, stone honeycomb and etc.

Metal Honeycomb Panel Curtain Wall System
Maximum panel size up to 12000mm x2000mm, keeping excellent flatness without any special reinforcement;
Light weight, around 6Kg/m2, reduce bearing load of building;
Can withstand high pressure and shear force and meet wind load resistance requirements of high-rise buildings;
Specially developed installation systems meet thermal movement requirement of metal curtain wall to prevent deformation;
Multiple joint types (silicone joint, flat joint, metal joint) create a smooth and delicate facade;
Provide the best integrated solutions of honeycomb panel system, window, door, and sunshade;
Panels go straight from the box to the building, without on-site fabrication;
Can customize different sizes, shapes, colors and coatings according to specific project.


Metal Honeycomb Panel
  Outer/Inner skin: high grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium zinc and copper (can customize), stone
Core: hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, anti-corrosion treatment
Outer skin coating: pre-coating PVDF/special surface finish (hairline, mirror, emboss and spectra)
Color: RAL international standard colors or other customized color
Standard thickness:20/25/30mm (can customize other thickness)
Panel type: standard flat panel, curved panel, crank panel and other special panel
Fire rating: A2 (non-flammable)

Pattern & Color Factory Overview
Aluminum Patterns Selection

Stainless Steel Patterns Selection

Copper Patterns Selection

Flat Joint, Dry & Sealed Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Curtain Wall System 

  Flat joint design, distinctive

Installation from back side

From back side to install aluminum honeycomb panel for eaves without scaffold, which will not affected construction schedule under the eaves and saved scaffold cost.

Advantages and Characteristics
1. Meet the thermal movement requirement of metal curtain wall to prevent deformation and sustained flatness.
2. No need riveting, without any mechanical damage for panel surface.
3. 3mm flat joint, big panel design, more concise and aesthetic for building façade.
4. Adopting EDPM dry seal gasket to seal and waterproof.
5. Can achieve airtightness and watertightness without silicone and meet four properties of curtain wall, ending the silicone age for curtain wall.

Four Properties Certification Of Curtain Wall
Passed the national test and being certificated with four properties certification of curtain wall: air tightness and water tightness up to the highest level 4 and level 5, wind pressure resistance level 8 and plane deformation level 3, which fully meet demands of national standard of metal curtain wall.

Installation With Clamp, Simple and Quick.
1. Meet thermal movement requirement of metal curtain wall.
2. No need riveting on the surface, without any mechanical damage.
3. Easy replacemet: achieve separate demountable of each panel.
4. Joint type: 10mm silicone joint/25mm metal cover joint.

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