An exhibition in tunnel - Case on the common aisle


Wannsee, BerlinIn

the underpass in Berlin there is an exquisite ceramic mural, two 40-meter-high works extending along the walls of the tunnel leading to the local train station.


The mural on the left depicts a scene on the shore of Wannsee with a group of simple figures - all represented by a single tile.


The mural on the right takes on a more historic hue and is decidedly less pleasant than the sunny lakeside scene in the mural on the left.


The project used 10x10cm tiles - there are nearly 20,000 tiles in total - and their relatively large size gives the final mural an abstract look.


Ceramic tiles are designed here, making each tile come alive, have its own unique meaning, depict a scene, and even tell us a story.

Cuyperspassage, Amsterdam

This tunnel at Amsterdam Central Station highlights the city's history. It looks like a porcelain tunnel and is located between the bicycle parking lot and the train station.


Glazed tiles in different shades of blue extend the entire passage, like a pale blue ink painting.


46,000 ceramic tiles were used on one wall of the tunnel, measuring 13 x 13 cm, in homage to the work of Dutch tile painter Cornelis Boumeister.


An additional 33,000 tiles were used for flooring.
Featuring the traditional blue-and-white ceramic tiles, the 110-metre tunnel depicts large and small merchant ships, herring carts with fishing nets, billowing waves and seagulls.


Wenjing station, Shenzhen

Wenjin Station, a subway station in Shenzhen, there is a ceramic mushroom-nailed wall for interactive communication and creation, which was designed with the participation of children.
This wall depicts a fantastical underworld crisscrossed with colors and its inhabitants.


The wall is made of ceramic pieces in the shape of mushroom. Three different heights of ceramic mushrooms and 17 sets of colors were determined.


The children focus on design.


The children participated in the creation.


A child's unique signature.


The ceramic mushroom-shaped products with a partial golden pattern here.


Overall design presentation.


Round ceramic mushroom-shaped particles, each sparkling.


Foreign tourists also stopped to watch.


he participation of the child brings the whole project to a temperature. Each ceramic product is a childlike innocence in this project,may we can also keep a childlike innocence.

These projects let us feel that ceramics is not just a product, it can also carry many stories and meanings. If you also have a beautiful story, you can try to express it with ceramics, and as a terracotta supplier, we will help you complete.

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