Case study: Loong Retreat Resort - makes "pottery life" impressive and sensible


When it comes to Yixing City, Jiangsu, everyone will think of the characteristics of Jiangnan courtyard and pottery capital. The world-renowned famous Zisha teapot and Yangxian tea with mellow flavor and color are produced here. Such regional elements are also perfectly integrated into the hotel, committed to making the "pottery-style life" impressive and sensible.


For example, the top of the hotel lobby is made of local ceramic structure, the walls of the public patio are made of terracotta bricks, and the walls in the courtyard are horizontally built with ceramic/terracotta panels.


From the inside to the outside, there are Yixing local ceramic/terracotta tiles everywhere.  It has the charm of "residence in a pottery".


The blue natural terracotta panel with anti-stain coating used in the dining room.

Interior wall cladding


Washroom cladding with terracotta anti-stain natural finish


The designer cleverly utilizes all the faces of terracotta tiles, the side, back, and front of the ceramic tiles to create such a diverse wall decoration


Terracotta Brick used as wall cladding


This harmonious blend of our terracotta/ceramic products with the region's pottery culture beautifully showcases the diverse possibilities of terracotta/ceramic usage in hotel projects. If you're planning a hotel project and wish to explore the full potential of terracotta/ceramic panels and bricks, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to turn your design ideas into stunning, tile-adorned reality.

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