Ceramic Facade: The Ultimate Expression of Luxury

Case Study on Piaget Flagship Boutique

"Blue is the invisible becoming visible. Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond the dimensions of which other colours partake,"
--Yves Klein

When visitors arrive at the new Canton Road flagship boutique, the façade in Piaget’s iconic blue and gold will unmistakably be a memorable first foray into the unique Piaget experience. The deep blue, the façade tells the story of Piaget’s distinctive relationship with infinity.

The Piaget Flagship Boutique on Canton Road draws on the wealth of historic architecture in Kowloon, channeling an innate respect for craftsmanship integral to the watchmaker's heritage. Bespoke ceramic tiles glazed in nuanced shades of blue lend the store its architectural presence, complemented by an array of customized metals and concrete - all weaved together like an instrument. The project celebrates the storefront as a jeweled urban monument and repurposes the commercial facade with a civic potency, creating an unforgettable first impression.

Conceived by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the internationally award-winning architect of Neri&Hu Design, the space uses light and shadow to create a graceful and light movement, attracting the attention of guests from far and near. Walking among the bustling crowds on Canton Road, people's eyes will naturally be attached to the elegant and pleasing golden light in front of them.

The specially made ceramic tiles are dyed in different shades. The blue tone gives the flagship store a touch of architectural beauty, and combined with the specially crafted metal and concrete elements, creates a natural overall effect, sublimating the store into a bright city landmark and plating the commercial exterior walls with urban charm."

Ceramic Enamel Tiles: The Ultimate Expression of Luxury

Piaget has always been associated with uncompromising luxury, and the choice of ceramic enamel tiles for this boutique underscores this commitment. These tiles are not mere surface coverings; they are a statement in themselves. With their lustrous finish, they add a dimension of opulence that is synonymous with Piaget's brand identity.

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